Online Training Course by Kezia Noble
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Maximum Impact is the course that every man should watch. Find out how to make impact with women on a verbal and non-verbal level....
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Running out of things to talk about too soon is one of the most common major sticking points that guys have. The 10 hook lead system is a clear....
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  • “Kezia gives a powerful insight in the female mind, not just certain types of females, but all females, whether they are shy girls, sexually confident woman, hard nose bitches or just regular girl next door types. Her techniques really work.’

    - T.J
  • “At last! HONEST female advice. Her opinion of what I was doing wrong was mind blowing! But also, she made me realise my strengths that I did not know existed. Kezia’s intentions are for men to get results; she makes that clear from the start. And results are what I got! “

    - Ahmed
  • “My training session with Kezia was a very enlightening experience. As most guys do, I had a tendency to ask boring questions that lead to idle chit chat and not a quality conversation or deeper connection with a woman. That type of conversation will just lead to a dead end and at best- friend zone. She helped to provide me with some strategies and mental exercises that will improve my ability to lead interesting and stimulating interactions. It was incredibly helpful, having never received such feedback from a woman’s perspective before. In addition to this, Kezia also explained how to deal with various types of women, including those that don’t initially want to talk much and those that actively don’t want to talk to you. Overall, it was one of the most productive portions of my training. “

    - Kit