Attraction To Seduction
Attraction To Seduction, The Ultimate in seduction. The seduction formula DVD set will give you EVERY skill, technique

The Ultimate Video In Seduction

The attraction to seduction video will give you EVERY skill, technique and method you will ever need to seduce beautiful women.

ATTENTION: Revealing secrets that women do NOT want you to know

I am sharing with you the secrets that women do NOT what you to know, why? Because with the insights, techniques, methods and skills that I am handing you in a step by step and detailed format, you will be attracting women into your bed whom you initially thought would never sleep with you.
No cheesy pick up lines
No gimmicky pick up artist tricks
No vague advice
No generic tips


Powerful techniques that will make women lust after you
Honest insights in to what women want
The secrets that will turn her on
The insight into the female mind
The ability to deal with any negative reactions and turn them around to a positive result
Myth busting! I will expose the garbage you have been hearing for years and give you the truth you need on how to seduce women
The skills to get out of the friend zone
How to overcome her last minute doubts
The methods that will make her want to sleep with you the SAME NIGHT.
The knowledge that will FREE YOU FROM ENDING UP AS THE NICE GUY.

Are You Sick Of Girls Describing You As The ‘Nice Guy’ Who They Don’t Want To Sleep With?

Being the nice guy does NOT mean you have to be the ‘bad guy’ or that you need to compromise your principles or change your personality. It means you need to know WHAT TO DO in order for her to DESIRE you FOR YOU!

Are you sick of being just friends with a girl you want to sleep with?

Are you tired of seeing other guys take home the hot women you were talking to?

Do you realize that to get girlfriend you NEED to make sure she desires you and wants to sleep with her first?

Do you want to discover what turns women on?

Do you want to know what women want from you in bed?

If you answered ‘YES’ to just ONE of these questions, then the seduction formula DVD set will give you what you want. It will answer your questions and give you the results you have been wanting!

The material and insights in the Attraction To Seduction DVDs are explicit and so incredibly honest and direct that not only will your success rate with women accelerate to a whole new level, but you will also obtain the most game changing understanding of the female mind and the power to know exactly what to do next in ANY circumstances with a woman you want to sleep with.


Here is just some of the skills and techniques that you will obtain from these DVDs:

Disc 1

The skills to approach women with confidence

The ability to be sexually direct with a woman

Knowing how to deal with her reactions

Turning a potential negative situation into a positive outcome

Revealing the myths that pick up artists teach, which fail to get results

A clear and honest insight into the female mind

Seducing a woman without coming across as creepy or sleazy

Discovering the REAL REASONS for why some girls think some guys are creepy

Conveying unapologetic confidence

Attraction spikes

Breaking rapport

Demonstrating high value

Disc 2

How to compliment women

The power of the ‘double sided’ confidence, and how to execute it

The ability to seduce women on a NONE VERBAL level

The ‘dipping technique’ ( One of the most powerful ways to arouse a woman)

Dealing with ANY possible reactions she may give you

The seduction gaze

Disc 3

Reading the signs women send and knowing what to do

Understanding her indicators of disinterest

The ability to spot her indicators of interest

Flirting techniques

Kino ( knowing where and how to touch a woman and WHEN)

Dealing with ‘Last minute resistance’

Understanding why she might suddenly change her mind, and knowing what to do next

Discovering what she REALLY wants in bed.

What she wants to HEAR you say in bed

How to talk x-rated in bed and turn her on with this.

Understanding how to get her to do what you want in bed

The ability to seduce women whilst keeping inline with your own personal principles

Why nice guys finish last

The secrets that make the BAD GUY irresistible

The secrets that make the GREAT guy even more irresistible

The ability to seduce women in a ways which are congruent with your personality

“The secrets that will give you the power to understand what women sexually crave for are revealed in these DVDs”

If you want to start getting REAL results with women, whether she’s the girl who only sees you as friend, or the girl at work who thinks you’re just a ‘nice guy’ or the girl you want as a girlfriend, or the hot girl you see at the bar that every guy wants to sleep with! Then the ‘Seduction formula” DVD set is for you.

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