Maximum Impact
Maximum Impact is the course that every man should watch. Find out how to make impact with women on a verbal and non-ver

A woman must have respect for you before she can desire you

- Kezia Noble, world’s leading attraction expert for men.


Become the heat she’s drawn to and the man she can’t resist no matter WHAT

Finally, the ultimate product in attraction is YOURS.Created for you by two of the world’s leading attraction experts.

Master the art of confident body language, and seduce her with your eye contact, timing and vocal tonality

these groundbreaking DVDs will show you how to:
Make MAXIMUM Impact
Understand and apply the secrets of the alpha male
Develop a strong PRESENCE that makes INSTANT impact
Gain immediate respect from others
Master the art of ‘seductive and alpha’ charisma
Utilise attractive and confident body language to get exactly what you want.
Maximise your success rate with women
Use your body language to seduce women
Know the difference between what women SAY they want and what they REALLY desire
Develop the power to turn women on and give them what they crave for.
Unleash your inner confidence
Build a strong sense of attraction with beautiful women
The skill and ability to create that ‘chemistry’ sensation.

“Master the secrets of attraction from one of the most elite Performances Experts in the world”

You might not know this, but seduction is 60 percent NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION. Women either make snap decisions when a man walks into a room or an instant judgments when he speaks to them, which means you need to make MAXIMUM impact if you want to secure their attention long enough to implement the skills that will build attraction

“Receive the most powerful insight into the female mind”

Here’s some good news !
  • You DON’T have to be the best looking guy in the room
  • You DON’T have to be Mr Popular
  • You DON’T need to have an incredible job or a large bank account
  • You DON’T need to be ripped or be 6 ft 2 .
  • You DON’T need to be funny or have something impressive to say.


You DO need to convey confidence
You DO need to demonstrate self acceptance
You DO need to possess the power to make INSTANT impact
You DO need to know how to have ‘PRESENCE’ when you walk into a room or a social situation
You DO need to DISTINGUISH the difference between what women say they want and what they REALLY desire.
You DO need to possess the ‘secrets’ of the modern alpha male rather than the archaic and out of date text book theories.
You DO need to know how build up a strong sense of attraction
You DO need to master the art of ‘non-verbal’ sexual escalation
You DO need to understand how to use your body language, eye contact and vocal tonality to show your commitment and confidence in your intention .

“Between them, Kezia and Vio have helped over 40,000 men become more desired”

Kezia Noble:

Best selling author and leading attraction and dating expert for men.

“In these DVDs I will reveal to you what women really want. Why we lust after certain guys, who aren’tinitially our ‘typical’ type, and what it is that these guys do that makes them so irresistible. Now let me make this point clear to you as possible, that I will not be dishing out vague and generic tips on how to appear more confident or how to tweak certain parts of your body language to come across more alpha. Lazy text book advice that you have probably heard hundreds of times before is not what I want to share with you. The material in these DVDs are fresh and extremely powerful, and will inspire and open your eyes up to opportunities that you probably never imagined possible.

I will be sharing with you every element and every micro- detailed point that you need to master in-order to make that powerful impact on a woman within seconds.

Me and my TOP male instructor on the team VIO who has helped thousands of men across the globe reach their full potential ,will give you everything you need to make women take notice of you, become drawn to you ,and most importantly, WANT you”

Vio Fasakerley:

Peak performance coach and life style development mentor for the elite.

“ I have been specialising in helping guys maximise their chances with women for over a decade. I have done this by mainly focusing on they way they utilise their non-verbal communication. Kezia heard about the kind of results I was getting for men, and invited me to work with her in 2010, and not long after, we decided to put together all the information,methods and skills we had been sharing with out clients in to a DVD set.

Kezia has helped millions of men become master conversationists, and she has shown them exactly what to say to a woman and when they should say it in order to attract them super fast. Together, we are now sharing the NON VERBAL and PHYSICAL skills and techniques of the master seducer. If your body language, energy, self belief, commitment and intent are not in line with your goals and with your words, then you will probably end up in that dreaded friend zone. that I used to always end up in. Women desire CHEMISTRY. But what is chemistry ? What is that sexual chemistry that sends both women and men crazy?

to explain, break down and pass on in a step by step format that can be applied whenever you choose. Me and Kezia spent the last 3 years doing just that!

We broke it down in to what could be ALMOST considered a science! But best of all, we have made sure that we put together the MOST effective methods and techniques in a way that gives the opportunity to apply them STRAIGHT AWAY.

We have left no stone unturned, and have helped thousands of men from across the globe to seduce women (that they once considered to be out of their league) with the methods, insights, skill sand techniques that are contained in these DVDs”


Are you tired of being ignored by women?
Have you had enough of women putting you in the friend zone?
Are you sick of other guys getting the woman that YOU desire?
Do you have trouble in sexual escalating with women?
Are you sick of ‘nice’ and ‘platonic’ relationships with women that lead nowhere?
Do you want to turn women on and flirt with them WITHOUT coming across creepy?
Do you want to the ability to create a powerful ‘chemistry’ sensation that makes her desire you whenever you want ?
Do you want to have the l ability to make MAXIMUM IMPACT on any woman you choose in any situation ?
Do you want to be able to sexually excite her with ‘tension building accelerators that are super easy to apply ?
Do you want to walk into a room or social interaction and command instant respect?
Do you want to become her ‘main focus’ instead of just another replaceable ‘time filler’
Are you determined to never get caught in the dreaded friend zone again?
Do you want to know how turn women on without saying a single word?
Do you want to know how to use your eye contact to sexually charge the interaction?
Do you want to possess the ‘know how’ to use your body language and facial expressions to encourages sexual desire ?
Do you want the most powerful and honest insights into the female mind , that will let you find out what sexually arouses women?
Do you want the techniques and micro-detailed advice that will increase your success rate with women ?
Do you want to learn and understand the secrets of the modern alpha male ?
Do you want to have the power to attract women without masquerading as someone else or telling a single lie ?
Are you ready to unleash your inner confidence ?
Are you ready to achieve a deep level of self acceptance ?
Are you ready to learn the effective solutions for your sticking points ?
Are you ready to obtain the ability to enhance your inner strengths ?
Are you ready to take action?

If you answered YES to just ONE of these questions, then the MAXIM IMPACT DVD set is for you.
Men become more desired and achieve REAL tangible results with women, they once thought were out of their league

“Walk into a room and make impact”

My aim is to make sure you get the results you deserve, and to help you achieve the same level of fulfilment and happiness that I have helped my students to obtain.

I want to help you turn your reality in to the one you have always visualised yourself leading. The Maximum Impact DVDs that myself and Vio have spent many years putting together will seriously kick start your journey to the life you deserve. We have seen the results and the power of the information contained in these DVDs, and we want you to experience it too.

Thank you for reading

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