The perfect GIFT for a girl
Posted on Friday, May 30th, 2014 by KN

One of my students recently bought me a gift as a token of his gratitude for helping him.

Now a lot of my students feel a desire to give myself or members of my teams gifts in order to express their appreciation for what we have done. We never expect anything in return except for his happiness and success, as we feel the best gift we can receive is the acknowledgment that we have truly turned someones life around for the better!

However, this particular student had gotten me something rather special. It was a CD with three songs on it, that he had chosen that he felt best describes the three sides to my character. When he told me this, I was thrilled and literally couldn’t wait to get home and see what songs he had chosen for me.

Now, I felt that out of the songs he had chosen for me, 2 were accurate and 1 was a strange choice. I played it a few times and even looked up the lyrics on google, to see if I had maybe overlooked something.

But what struck me like a thunderbolt, was not the songs, but the IMPACT that this guy s gift had made on me. There I was, studying and analyzing his gift like it was some sort of cryptic riddle, that held the secret that would determine my true character.when the truth was, he could have just been in a rush and put any random song for his third choice.

This is a great gift to give to a woman, as it will serve to keep you in her mind. She will no only love that personal touch to the gift, but it will also raise your value immensely!

You are expressing to her that you know her on a more intimate level that most guys she knows.

Always make sure that one of the songs you include are totally random and silly, this will confuse, and she will want to know why you chose that particular song ( women are usually very into self analyzation) In which case, you tease her and tell her you just put that song in there as a joke, which is cool. Or you can just play on it, and tell her it’s something she needs to figure out her self.

So if you want to buy a girl a gift, stay away from expensive items that provide her short term materialistic satisfaction, because regardless of how expensive the gift is, she will always value that gift more than the person who actually gave it to her.

There are a lot of gift ideas that I can share with you, but making a CD with just three songs that you feel represent her, or remind you of her, is an awesome gift to give to a girl you like.

I credit this tip to my ex student Paul.

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